Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Funday

Several years ago we burned a large pile of dead wood.  Unfortunately the pile was too close to one of the trees on our back property line and it burned one side of the tree. Since then half the tree has died and limbs break and fall after every storm. We're having some fencing put around the back pasture and we were afraid he tree would eventually fall and break the fencing- and let the cow out- so down came the tree!

My job was to watch the tree as Art cut a v-notch in it- he told me to scream as loud as I could if the tree started to fall. I was able to get a short video of the tree falling though!

We were able to clean up most of the branches and Art started cutting up the trunk to burn in his wood stove. It's not a hardwood but it'll burn just the same. He will have to clean out his stove more often, but his shop will be warm!
This was the tree

Because it was such a lovely day (despite a little rain here and there) I locked Buddy outside. He spent the afternoon in an old pickup truck that is parked near where we were working. While Lizzie ran around like a spaz all morning Buddy just stayed in the truck looking awkward and uncomfortable. 

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